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Weekly Health Tips
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Weekly Health Tips

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Week One - Drink More Water Week Twenty Seven - Fast Food
Week Two - The Best Exercise Week Twenty Eight - Intelligence of Health & Life
Week Three -Don't Eat Artificial Sweeteners Week Twenty Nine - FDA
Week Four - See Your Chiropractor More Week Thirty - ADIO
Week Five - Invest In Your Health Week Thirty One - Energy Drinks
Week Six - Eat More Vegetables Week Thirty Two - Symptoms
Week Seven - Watch Less TV Week Thirty Three - Infomercials
Week Eight - Good Vitamins Week Thirty Four - Flu Season
Week Nine - Secret To Health Week Thirty Five - Sleep
Week Ten -  Drink Less Pop/Soda  Week Thirty Six - Sugar
Week Eleven - Eat Smaller Meals Week Thirty Seven - Healthy for the Holidays
Week Twelve - Dental Mercury Week Thirty Eight - Driving
Week Thirteen - High Heels and Wallets Week Thirty Nine - Happy Life Suggestions
Week Fourteen - Swine Flu Week Forty - Holiday Shopping
Week Fifteen - Accountability Health Partner Week Forty One - Aspirin and the Flu
Week Sixteen - White or Wheat bread? Week Forty Two - The Germ Theory
Week Seventeen - Research - Health. Week Forty Three - Breakfast
Week Eighteen - Research - Medications Week Forty Four - Placebo Effect
Week Nineteen - Research - Health Insurance Week Forty Five - New Year, New You
Week Twenty - Milk Week Forty Six - Yoga in No Time at All
Week Twenty One - Vaccines Week Forty Seven - They
Week Twenty Two - Organic Meats Week Forty Eight - Ice, Ice Baby
Week Twenty Three - Be The Best You Can Be Week Forty Nine - Fried Food
Week Twenty Four - Sun Screen  
Week Twenty Five - Life With-out Fear  
Week Twenty Six - Detox  


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