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My Family is Healthier!!

Since I have been getting adjusted I get fewer headaches, fewer sinus infections, and less body pains. My son has fought only one sinus infection this year so far. Thatís amazing! My daughter has only had a couple of one-day colds. My husbandís wrist pain is much better. It is neat to know that if your body is working correctly, you can fight off illnesses quicker, and not get sick as much.
                                                                M. B.


A Natural Alternative!!

I was referred to Dr. Jacob by BLN.  I came in because of whiplash caused by a recent car accident.  My life has been greatly enhanced because of my regular check-ups; I have less pain and more mobility.  I fear that I would have been addicted to prescription drugs for my pain without Dr. Jacob.  I greatly appreciate a natural alternative to prescription medicines.  I like the accommodating and caring atmosphere of the office.  Whenever I hear someone with a body ache I recommend making an appointment at Bullock Family Chiropractic.  I adore the natural alternative to medicines and being pain free.
                                                                   P. G.






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