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Swine Flu- What you really need to know

What do we really know about the swine flu?  Did you know we had a swine flu “scare” in 1976?  After advertising heavily in 1976 to have people get the “vaccine” for the flu many people died and even more developed paralysis from the vaccine.  In fact over $3.5 billion in claims were filed in lawsuits within a few months of releasing the vaccine due to adverse reactions. 

As you might have noticed the swine flu has a great Public Relations manager. There is a lot of one-sided information being presented to get as many people to take the vaccines as possible.

Did You Know:

1- In 1976 the Swine Flu vaccine caused more deaths than the swine flu itself. No flu is fun, but they are usually mild, other than the 1918 pandemic. Additionally that vaccine was linked to a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

2- Thimerosal-mercury and other additives are added to vaccines. These have been associated with brain and immune system dysfunction, including autism.

3- Testing of the vaccine- According to the FDA, candidate swine flu vaccines will be tested for one-three weeks on a few hundred children and adults before being released for public use.

4- There Liability Protection for Vaccine Makers- meaning you can't sue the vaccine companies; therefore, they have less incentive to make sure their product is safe before they release it.

5- Will we have a right to choose. With all other vaccines you have a right to choose whether you or your children receive a vaccination. Contrary to public perception you do not need to be vaccinated to get into school.

The last thing anyone wants is people being forced to do something that has a negative outcome, and there is little to no recourse that can be done to make the situation right.

Get educated, learn both sides of the issue, and make the decision that is best for you and your family.

What can you do naturally to prevent getting the swine flu?

bulletBoost your immune system by doing the things we have been talking about for the past few weeks:
bulletGet adjusted by your Chiropractor regularly
bulletDrink lots of water
bulletEat lots of vegetables
bulletTake a good whole food based multi-vitamin
bulletAvoid as much sugar as possible (soda/pop)
bulletAvoid chemicals that are toxic to your body such as: artificial sweeteners, and other food additives


For more on the 1976 Swine Flu Scare watch the following CBS 60 Minutes program (2 parts)


Even Makers Of Vaccinations Refuse To Take H1N1 Vaccine:

Swine Flu Deception - If you repeat a lie enough times, and the bigger the lie, eventually the people will start to believe it.


Watch Dr. Jacob Bullock, D.C. on ABC 36 talking about the swine flu. In the report it also stated that children did not have immunity to the swine flu because it hasn’t been around in decades and that is why they need to be vaccinated first. If 1976 is a different strain of swine flu than the current one, then how is anyone immune? No-one has been exposed to it.


National Vaccine Information Center

For more info read this article by Dr. Mercola: articles.mercola.com

Swine flu update by Dr. Mercola: articles.mercola.com


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