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The Secret to Health

There are thousands of products, drugs, diets, fads, procedures, and lifestyles that claim to be the secret to health.  The reality is, there is not a secret to health.

Our bodies are born with an innate ability to heal itself.  The power that made the body, heals the body, it happens no other way.  If you get a paper cut or you break you arm, do you have to think about healing the injury?  It just happens.  In fact, we could not make it heal if we wanted to.

The reason chiropractors work with the spine and nervous system is the innate intelligence runs from above down and inside out.  The goal of chiropractic is to make sure this life flow has no interference in it.  Health occurs because the body needs no help, just no interference.

The more we try to over-think health, the more problems arise (side effects).  By chasing or covering up symptoms we are making our bodies sicker for 2 reasons.  First, the drugs or surgery might make the symptoms go away, but they are not fixing the CAUSE of the problem.  Second, our bodies were created the way the needed to be created- no spare parts, no medicine cabinets (no headaches arenít caused by Tylenol deficiencies and tonsils, the gall bladder, and the appendix werenít created by accident.)




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