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Invest in Your Health and Wellness

It is the most important asset you have.  Investing in your health will help you avoid many health care costs in the future.  The investment can be money and/or time.

ďAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.Ē- Henry de Bracton

What are good investments for Health?

bulletChiropractic- is the only thing that works directly with the nervous system.  In order to be healthy it is essential that the nervous system be functioning at itís best.
bulletExercise/Gym Membership- if you can exercise on your own regularly awesome.  If you are like most people having a gym membership will help motivate you to do more, since you are paying whether you use it or not.
bulletEating Organic Fruits and Vegetables- while they cost a little more, not having pesticides and other chemicals put in you system is extremely important.
bulletHigh quality supplements or vitamins from nature (not man made)- our body only absorbs vitamins that are naturally derived.  Even if they are cheaper, man made vitamins do very little for your body.


Taking care of your body will pay for itself in many ways:

bulletYou will miss less work and/or be more productive, which will be more income.
bulletYou will have fewer doctor visits in your lifetime, which is less out of pocket and less wasted time.
bulletYou will take fewer prescriptions, which is less out of pocket.
bulletYou can play with you health insurance plan (we will cover this more later) but if you donít go to the doctor and donít take drugs you can have a higher deductible insurance plan, which will cost less per month.
bulletYou will live longer and have a better quality of life.



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