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Intelligence of Health, Intelligence of Life

There are 3 types of Intelligence that have a role in our lives.

Universal- the intelligence that creates life & organizes the universe. This is the intelligence that created the universe and makes everything work in perfect harmony.

Innate- the intelligence we are born with. Innate intelligence connects our body to Universal Intelligence or Life Source. Innate controls all of our body processes- we do not have to do anything to: make our heart beat, to digest food, heal injuries or fight infections, in fact there is nothing we can do that will help these processes.

Innate is also instincts, what makes salmon swim upstream to spawn, birds migrate, bears hibernate, bats hang upside down, these are not things they just thought of one day. They are inborn actions that they need to sustain life. For example: salmon swim upstream to the spot they were born to spawn because their eggs will be better protected in shallow waters upstream, and by the time the little salmon get to the ocean they will be larger and more able to survive. Also, the salmon swimming upstream are going to die after laying their eggs, so they are a perfect food source for bears to build up their fat reserves for the long winter.

Innate Intelligence is also responsible for healing in our bodies. If you get a cut and put on a band aid or break an arm and put on a cast, those things do not heal the injury. They do serve to protect the area while Innate does the healing. The same is true if you are fighting an infection, Innate will: cause a fever because increasing the body temperature slows the bacteria so white blood cells can kill them easier, give you a cough, runny nose, or sneeze to forcibly expel the bacteria, and of course vomiting and diarrhea to also get rid of the bacteria as quickly as possible. Taking medications to suppress the healthy reactions will delay the body’s healing.

Sometimes, there can be interference in the Innate Intelligence communications between the brain and the rest of the body. Subluxations are when bones in the spine misalign causing an interrupting in the Innate flow. Chiropractors remove these subluxations so that Innate can function uninterrupted.

Educated -the intelligence we accumulate during our life. It starts at 0 at birth and ends at 0 at death. We are at our best when our Educated mind and our Innate are working together. When the Educated Mind is receptive to Innate thought flashes man has created some incredible things. Educated Intelligence by itself can cause some poor or reactive ideas. For example: vaccines make sense to if you think about exposing the body to small doses of a virus to build up resistance; however, to keep the virus weakened and the dose preserved you have to include agents such as mercury formaldehyde and other toxic substances, these take that good idea and turn it into a potentially harmful or deadly reaction. Vaccines 


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