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The Germ Theory- True, False, or Maybe?

We have always been taught that “germs” cause disease.

If this is true, why do some people get sick and others do not. They are exposed to the same situation germ, bacteria, etc. I am sure we have all experienced this situation, maybe even from both sides. Someone at school, work, church or home was sick and the next day or two other people started getting sick but others did not. Why?

The reality is germs can cause disease; however, they do not always. If the body has a decreased immune system due to many things such as: interference in the nervous system, high stress, poor diet, lack of water, sleep, or exercise, or other illnesses, it is more likely to get “sick” from these germs. On the other hand if your body is strong and healthy the body will not get sick from these germs, because the body’s immune system will kill them before they get a chance to cause disease.

The Germ Theory was developed by Louis Pasteur, who admitted near the end of his life that the theory was in fact not entirely true. He said it was not the germs which were the problem of disease, but the medium in which they lived. Even though Pasteur recanted on his Germ Theory, it is still widely used today as fact in the medical field.

As you can see germs are not the exclusive cause disease, they only cause disease in a body that does not have a healthy immune response. Take your health in your own hands. By doing things that help get your body healthier you are making your body more resistant to germs and therefore less likely to get sick from them.

You can decide if you want to be healthy by choice or healthy by chance.

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