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The Flu Season is Here, Are You Ready?

Ways to naturally boost your immune system

Get adjusted by your Chiropractor regularly
Drink lots of water
Avoid eating very much sugar
Get plenty of sleep
Get plenty of exercise
Take probiotics such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium

Is the flu shot right for you?

Can the flu shot make you get sick?
Absolutely. Anytime you put a foreign substance into your body you are disrupting the body’s natural balance. The chemicals in a shot are toxic and therefore decrease your body’s own resistance. Whether you get sick from the virus in the shot, or get sick from the viruses that are around your body at any given time, waiting for a decrease in the body’s immune response, depends on the situation. Either way your body can get sick from the flu vaccine.

Will it prevent you from getting the flu?
Your guess is as good as mine. The flu shot is made by guessing the 5-6 strains of the flu virus, that will be the most common that year. The flu vaccine has made it reputation of being effective, by keeping people that would not have gotten the flu anyway, from getting the flu. So with or without the vaccine you might get the flu or you might not.

Build you body up naturally and have faith that your body knows what to do.

What is in the flu shot? Sad but true.



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