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Above Down, Inside Out or Outside In, Below Up?

The traditional way of thinking is that the cause of disease is invasion from Outside In, Below Up. The “causes” and “treatments” have changed over the centuries from evil spirits to microbes, germs and parasites treated by blood letting, vaccinations, antibiotics, and new super drugs.

If this is true, why do some people get sick and others do not. They are exposed to the same situation germ, bacteria, etc. I am sure we have all experienced this situation, maybe even from both sides. Someone at school, work, church or home was sick and the next day or two other people started getting sick but others did not. Why?

Above Down, Inside Out is a way of thinking that cause and cure of disease comes from inside our body and travels from above down and from inside out. Our Innate intelligence controls everything in our body. When the Innate is interfered with the resistance to disease decreases and the body is more likely to “get sick” or have dis-ease. The cure for this situation is restoring the Innate to its full potential, therefore the body can heal itself like it is designed to do.

To answer our earlier question, why did one person get sick and the other stay healthy when they had been in the same situation and exposed to the same germs. One person had full Innate intelligence, which meant the immune system was strong and was able to fight the junk with no problem. The other person had Innate with interference therefore the body was not as strong as it could be, the immune response was not as fast or as strong so the person got sick.

Above Down, Inside Out was first described by B.J. Palmer, the man who developed Chiropractic. B.J. discovered that there can be interference in the Innate Intelligence communications between the brain and the rest of the body. Subluxations are when bones in the spine misalign causing an interrupting in the Innate flow. Chiropractors remove these subluxations so that Innate can function uninterrupted. This allows the body to heal itself from inside out.


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